Sister Walla Abu-Eid's Journey To Hijab

Sister Walla Abu-Eid's Journey To Hijab

What inspired me to wear the hijab?

 I attended an Islamic school where we were required to wear the hijab as part of our uniform in the upper primary years. When I wore it at school, it made me feel so happy that I would ask my mum to allow me to wear it out on the weekend too. It was a day during the summer school holidays (I was between year 6 and year 7) that I decided I want to wear the hijab forever. I approached my family and they supported my decision happily, and took me on a shopping spree to buy suitable clothing and hijabs. I never looked back since! 

 The hijab makes me feel empowered, confident and beautiful. I love how it allows people to see past my physical appearance and connect to me on other levels.

When I was looking for an outfit to wear at my upcoming event, I specifically picked the maroon polka dot dress from Behind the Veil because it made me feel the way I mentioned above. It is so modest, flowy, light-weight, non see-through and practical! The dress could be dressed up or dressed down, making it suitable for both special occasions and everyday wear. The colour of the dress is also very unique and beautiful. Looking forward to getting more amazing outfits  from behind the veil!

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