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My hijab journey🧕🏻

My hijab journey started quiet early, since everyone around was wearing the hijab when I was young. At a young age I wanted to become like my mother in the way she looked, talked and even acted. I think that’s the typical daughter/mother relationship.

So seeing her in a hijab only made sense that I should be wearing one too. So I started wearing it at gatherings because it made me look more like her. Than came the day that I wanted to wear it without her being there. Just because it gave me a sense of protection and security.

And as I grew older I built this strong bond with my hijab that it felt unlike me to not wear it. It became apart of me. Just like my mother is apart of me. And alhmdiallah I thank Allah(swt) everyday, not only blessing me with being a believer but blessing me with a mother who taught so much about modesty and hijab in Islam. Also thankful for all the wonderful modesty clothing stores that is available for us hijabi’s to be able to express ourselves like never before.

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