My Journey To Hijab

My Journey To Hijab

Al Salam Alaikum Dear Sisters,

We are excited to launch our first blog, first of many insha Allah. Our Blogs will feature Inspirational stories, Video Tutorials , Product releases and Islamic Reminders.

As an introduction to our first Launch we are offering a $200 Voucher for the most Inspirational Hijab Journey . 

Through daily interaction with our customers we have heard many inspirational stories of how they came to finally wear on the Hijab. Some of us took that step early in life, for others it was  a real struggle or a progression of events, or even forced or just decided it was time. Each story had its own Journey and we would love to read about yours.

We would love to hear about your Journey with Hijab. Your Journey could actually inspire others that are struggling with that decision right now. What may be YOUR Journey could become part of others that leads them to Hijab.

You may send us your journey  via our  FB, Insta DM or  email  on , where it will be posted our blog. You may include a photo or any inspirational quotes or even a Video. 

We will choose 3 of the best Inspirational Journeys, they will be published on our FB and Insta pages. The winner of the competition will be chosen by our readers through their comments and likes, the one with most comments and likes will be the winner of our competition.

We can't wait to read your stories, so get writing ladies, we would love to hear from you.

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