By Sister Zuhoor A

My journey to the Hijab- I remember being like a 15-16 teenager not wearing the hijab or thinking of it and having this scary dream of myself on the day of judgment when everyone around me is running and there is destruction , fire and fear and the first thing I do in my dream is look for a piece of clothing to put on top on head and cover my hair , I knew deep within me the ramification of not putting on the veil , I didn’t want to meet Allah SWT ashamed of myself and my decision . Waking up from this dream had me in tears especially since I had it 2-3 times of the course of 1 year . I felt like Allah SWT was calling me and giving me signs to come closer to him .Once I turned 18 subhanallah shortly after marriage I woke up one day and out of no where I put the intention in my heart and said tomorrow I am going to put on the hijab , I prepared myself and did it . I never felt so confident and happy making a decision I wasn’t hesitant not a tiny bit and alhamdullilah alhamdullilah

I never looked back , the Hijab is a beautiful gift from Allah SWT , Allah SWT wouldn’t guide us to anything wrong or that would harm us , it increases our value and makes people look at us to who we are to our souls and minds not our appearance .HIJAB IS BEAUTY IN EVERY WAY , in summer it would be so hot and it’s such a struggle with the hijab but when you look around you and think that Jahnam is much harder to bare than the sun you realise that the dunya is just temporary.

Alhamdullilah for everything, alhamdullilah for our deen and the love of Allah SWT

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