By Sister Zakeesh R

Hello! This is my hijab story. I always knew I was going to wear it, but I always used to say after marriage, and then it used to be before university and finally, before high school. I lost my connection with Islam and arrived to earn it back by doing everything I could, but it was also scary putting on a hijab in America.

I wanted a fresh start... so I decided to wear it before high school. I was always unsure about whether or not to wear it until I heard someone say “if you want to be recognized in the akhira, and you can’t be recognized as a Muslim now... how can you expect such a thing.” Something about it clicked in my brain, and I knew I would start wearing hijab. I’m 14, and I’ve been wearing hijab for about 3 months now :)

I used to contemplate wearing hijab all day but for some reason nothing motivated me until someone told me “in the Quran, Allah said “Oh the believing women” not “Oh the beautiful women”.I used to be so insecure that people would make fun of my looks, but with watching lots of videos I was finally able to have courage to wear it. I am the first female in my family to put on the hijab, and it’s scary sometimes but Alhamdullilah it’s was an overall great experience.

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