By Sister Siddiqua.ojeerally

Asaalam Alaykum. I came to Australia on a student visa with my husband. There were so many challenges in getting our permanent residency. But Subhanallah the day our working visa has been approved I started wearing the hijaab which was 5 yrs ago.

People would always discourage me by saying "you are in a foreign country, what if you don't get a job what if you experience discrimination". But I said to myself the day I would start to wear it will be when I get my permanent residency here in Australia and no one would stop me. I was ready to face any challenges or difficulties that would come my way even though I do not have my families around me. And Subhanallah since that day I have never thought of giving up wearing the hijaab. That made me who I am, this is my identity no matter which part of the world I go this would always be mine.

Another reason is that I have always felt bad when muslims would greet each other by saying 'Asalamu Alaykum' and not me as they don't know that I am a muslim. That made me feel real bad and reflect on that since. Now when I walk on the street any muslim people would greet me and I would feel very proud being a good Muslim.

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