By Sister Rania H

What inspired me to wear the hijab? I live in a non-Islamic country where there are few muslim women who wear the hijab. I started wearing it in school when I become an adult because I’m muslim and wanted to cover my hair and be modest. I faced so many problems and comments about why I’m not free and why I wear that veil to cover my hair and If I can wear the hijab on a short sleeves or a short dress and all of these weren’t easy on me but Elhamdulillah Allah is a supporter then my family to keep going and not to listen to any of those. I was feeling that It has become part of my personality now and can’t just go without wearing it. To feel that you don’t want to be like any girl who shows up her body and hair even if she is a muslim is a big blessing. My advice to all muslim girls is that “wearing hijab is not a challenge at all.” Be modest and don’t be shy to spread your identity. [I hope you share my post and seriously I don’t care about winning or not].

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