By Sister Layla Obeid

SubhanAllah funny enough I put the scarf on in @walla_abueid room.

Back in 2009 I was at my neighbours, and putting the scarf on designing it- what at the time use to be “practicing”, I’ll do it weekly. It was the eve of Friday and SubhanAllah I had this sensational feeling to leave it on. Midnight comes and I head back home, walk inside and announce to my parents I have put the scarf on.

There was a paused moment because how does one put the scarf on without scarves (mother at the time wasn’t wearing a hijab). Friday morning, I get up and place the same scarf back on and made it official Alhamdullilah! It was a black cap, brown squared scarf as that was the most trendiest style at that time.

Mum took me on a wild spree to purchase all the scarf necessities and every purchase just ignited pure happiness. I returned with every coloured scarf and cap.

I’m personally not a believer in “I’m not ready”, but rather a believer in instinct. You’ll just know when it’s right.

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