By Sister Juju Z

Salams just want to tell you about what inspired me to put on the hijab. I was 19 years old which was 14 years ago. I always wanted to put it on but my family always stopped me as they weren’t practicing, I always loved Islam and I loved the hijab but taking that step was big. My mums theory was what will people say about me that my daughter is wearing it and I’m not? I would always say it doesn’t matter what people think or say I want to do this for me. I was gifted a book called the hereafter and it described in detail about the punishment of jahanam which scared me to my core. I was petrified and was in constant fear of meeting my creator without me wearing a scarf. I called up my cousin who was scarved and said take me shopping I need to get new clothes and buy hijabs. Allhamdulilah since that day 14 years ago I’ve never looked back. I was constantly abused by my family for putting it on I felt like I was a revert into a Christian family, with my courage of putting on my scarf

A lot of my family also put the hijab on they were so happy that someone finally did it because it also gave them the courage to do it Allhamdulilah ya rab. Now my mum is a hajje and also wears hijab.

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