By Sister Jojo D

Heres my hijab journey: I grew up as an ahmaddiya which i considered a Muslim then but i now know it wasnt muslim but my family never prayed unless it was muslim or eid and we fasted ramadan every year. But last year when i was 14 my mom passed away. It was the most depressing period of my life and i struggled so much to live daily life and no one in my family was even close to a muslim before. Then ramadan came after months of non stop cursing and booty shorts and saying f*** god like crazy and i wasn't even going to fast but i texted my cousin and she told me to fast and completely reluctant i did. I fasted every day of that month when i could and when i came out of Ramadan i was determined to fight for Allah and fight for islam even when my family wasn't supporting me. My siblings were saying my belief in marriage in islam with no dating was silly and I constantly felt i had to hide and more to that i was doing diving a sport i love so much but of course requires a swimsuit. I cried

And stayed up and though so much what would i do without diving but also what would i do without Allah s.w.t. i preached deen over dunya but i wasn't living it so after thought and fear and agony on September 9 2019 i chose Allah s.w.t. I chose Jannah i told my father how much i wanted to wear hijab and i put it on with a skirt and long sleeve shirt and walked into school. Now it hasn't been that long since my story has begun but since wearing hijab i am more consistent with my prayers even though i miss quite a few. I am about to get my first quran from my cousin inshallah and i am hoping to get closer and closer to islam as i go on. I look at jilbabs and abayas that cover your body and am not able to buy them although i look at my mere 5 hijabs and sigh wearing the same i do not complain because Allah s.w.t. has given me the greatest gift of all Him.

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