By Sister Asfia assad

Being born and raised as a muslim, i think i took this privilege for granted by not being the best version of myself. I used to wear my hijab on and off but never took it seriously till i gave birth to my daughter for i wanted her to see me as her role model. Now i wear my hijab according to the Islamic values of safeguarding women’s modesty. It’s not only my choice but also my duty to Allah swt that i may please and get closer to him.We can all look beautiful without causing Fitnah. May Allah swt guide us and our offspring to follow the right and save us from evil. Aameen

A quote i love “Haya (Modesty) Does not bring anything except good” – Muhammad Peace be upon him. “Hijab is beautiful, so make it look beautiful, wear it with love, wear it with pride and most of all wear it Right.”❣️

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