Sister Samantha Boyle's Journey To Hijab

As a revert, Hijab was the biggest struggle for me personally. After 4 years of practicing Islam, I didn’t like the representation of the religion that I was a part of. Islam is not a religion that you can pick and choose what you want to follow. Hijab for me wasn’t so much about the covering, but more so about a persons overall modesty of character. However, I also knew that modesty began on the outside. Hijab IS a protection for Muslims that helps us to be more God-conscious and therefore better our character. I took the step to put on hijab (almost 2 years ago now!!!) and prayed that Allah swt would use me as a guidance to others. After 6 months of bettering my character, my little sister then also accepted Islam (I cried!). She now too is in the beginning stages of adopting the hijab. Allah always rewards those who obey Him, ESPECIALLY when it’s difficult for them. Alhumdulilah. 



  • Aisha

    Mashallah, Alhamdulillah your videos made inspired me to put on hijab and stop plucking my eyebrows 😅, may allah grant you and all your loved ones jannat ul firdous

  • Shelley

    Sister Samantha inspired me to wear hijab after watching her YouTube videos. I have been wearing it for 10 months now.

  • Isabelle

    MashAllah, I’m proud of you! ❤️

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